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Competitive Program Information

Coaching Staff

NEW United Coaching Staff for 2017-2018

NEW UNITED SC Competitive Soccer Programs

The NEW UNITED SC Competitive League represents all Classic Teams traveling and playing in several different leagues including MRL, WI State League and East Central District.


To provide youth soccer enthusiasts in the Fox Valley area the opportunity to play the world's number one game in an environment that fosters growth in skills and desire to achieve success at all levels of competition. 

Team Formation

NEW United has MRL, WI State League and East Central teams for boys and girls beginning at the U11 level all the way up to U18 age levels. The different levels of competition are Elite and  Select. The number of players trying out will determine the number of teams created.   For Specific number of players per team please see respective age group pages  The DOC and Head Coach will made the determination which league (MRL, WI State League or East Central) the team be competing in. 

Team Levels

The Purpose of the Elite team program is to provide skill development and competition to those who excel and strive for a higher level of play. Practice, travel, games, and team commitment are much higher than any other level. All Elite teams will apply for and play in MRL if accepted. If not they will play in State League.

The commitment for a Select team is less than an Elite team but will continue to foster further development.

Formed Teams

U11 & U12 Age Group Pool

The top 26-30 players will be selected into the pool based on tryouts.  During the season all players will be placed on the Elite and Select squad for competitions. There will be 2 head coaches working with players. 

U13 to U14 Teams - will have an average of 16 Players on Elite Teams, 15 to 18 Players on Select.  During the season, the DOC and head coaches will continue to evaluate players.  Players can be moved from Select to Elite or via versa anytime during the playing season.  These changes will be based on the player’s ongoing performance. 

U15 to U18 Teams - will have 15 - 22 Players on Elite Teams, 15 to 22 Players on Select  

***** Roster sizes are based on numbers at tryouts, coaches preference, and club's desire to utilize club passing opportunities for all players showing desire to move up if called upon.


NEW UNITED SC follows US Soccer Best practices in striving for a 3 to 1 practice to game ratio. NEW United provides players a minimum of 2 training opportunities a week year round. Some examples of offerings are: Weekly age group technical training, team training, Futsal, and winter skills are offered to all teams. 

NEW United recognizes the spectrum player’s abilities that make up an age group. Each level requires different levels of commitment to the team and age group. Players and families are asked to review and consult your respective coaches when deciding if the commitments of a team are the right fit for you.

Tryout Policies

Looking for more details about tryout policies. NEW United SC follows the East Central set policies, click to review.

Still have some questions?


For team related questions:


For registration questions:


Your tryout is finished. What comes next?


Thank you for try out for a NEW United team 2017-2018.  Now you are probably wondering what happens next. 

#1 Tryout results have been reviewed to determine player placement on teams.

#2 Offers will be announced referencing player try-out pinny numbers on the NEW United SC website.  You will also receive an email with the same information. 

  1. Go to the Classic Program tab
  2. Find the age group that you tried out for (example: U12 Girls, U11 Boys)
  3. Look for your pinny number you wore at tryouts to see what team you are on

#3 You will have 24 hours from announcement to accept or decline via email to the address on the offer page. If you do not reply within the designated timeframe your offer may go to the next person.

  • Players offered Elite Teams can opt to be placed on a Select Team if they feel the level of commitment of the Select Team is better suited for them.
  • Movement will occur as players decline teams. If your child is selected to move to another team, you will receive a call a from the NEW United Rep for your age group with the adjusted offer and you will then have 24 hours to accept and decline. This will continue until the team is complete. You can go back on your offer page and see if the team is complete at which time no further offers will be made for that team.

#4 Finally, once an offer is accepted parents/guardians will need to visit the NEW United SC website, (and go to the 2017 tryout date tab) and click on the register button to register the player for the 2017-2018 season.