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Wanted: Staff for Events

For:  Staff Member for Beer Garden at USA Youth Complex

Neighborhood Beer Garden  

Seeking to hire some individuals who would like to be part of the staff on event night.  Are you a fun person who enjoys talking to people?  If so, we are looking for you. 

The staff will be at all or most events and help with whatever needs to be done for the night.  We are looking for individuals who can make it to the garden by 3:00 PM and stay till approximately 11:00 PM.  The staff will help in getting the garden set up for the evening, serve up food during the evening or play a support role as needed and then take down the beer garden at night. 


.  must be 18 years or older
.  be able to communicate with customers and others on staff effectively
.  able to be at garden by 3:00 PM on day of event
.  willing to move tables and benches, serve food in and outside of concession stand, wash dishes as needed, grill food if needed, do general support work around the concession stand
.  waitress or waiter experience is a plus
.  be able to record orders and count change
.  Friendly and enjoys mingling with people

This will be a paid position and pay will be based on experience. 

NOTE:  this position is not for serving beer. 

If interested, fill out the form below. 

Someone will be in touch with you within 3 days. 

Thank you.