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Thank You Doris Schommer!

Doris Says Good Bye... For Now!

A note from Doris Schommer

Over the years you have seen many communications come from myself.  I am both excited and sad to be writing this one today.  After many hours of reflection I have decided to step aside from my administrative position with NEW United SC.  During the almost 18 years in this position, there have been too many special moments to list them all.  The many friends and families who have supported me in my position I will always be grateful for.  For me this was not just a job, but a place where I along with my four children lived life.  The five of us grew up playing, working, disappointed, cheering, crying, winning and losing around our club and the sport of soccer.  Regardless where the future takes me ‘ASC’ now NEW United will hold a special place in my heart. 

I will miss the daily communications I have with the staff, especially Vicki who I have been working with for the past 12 years.   Even though I look forward to trying some new adventures, I cannot walk away completely from soccer.  To take care of my soccer fix, I will continue to serve on the ‘coaching staff’ and support ‘my club’ as we move into the future.  Just will redefine what aspect of support that will be.  After some time away, I look forward to seeing everyone out on the field.  

A Note From The Club

Doris started working with ASC in 1999 as a part-time administrator.   The position she leaves today is very different then what it looked like when she started. 

Over the years Doris has been instrumental in shaping the club to what it is today.  In her early years in the position there were no committees, every aspect of the club was taken care of by a board member.  Even though now it seems completely normal and expected, her first real step in bringing some structure to the committees was to support the classic teams at the time by taking notes at meetings and tracking teams, players and fees.  As you know now not only are we tracking teams and players, we run a structured tryout, have organized the team coordinators as a unit to work together, take/register teams for competitions and make sure all the NEW United teams have what they need for a successful season.  In addition, Doris was innovative in organizing coaches, starting out when the club had volunteer coaches and now supporting the paid coaching staff.   

In the soccer circles, Doris is the go to person when seeking information or if something is needed.  She was instrumental in keeping teams schedules updated both with the state league and East Central, acquired assigning referees many years ago, main contact for the EC Jamboree, has been the lead for the WI State Championships weekend and understanding the many different aspects/policies of all these events.

As the years went on Doris upgraded the communication tools used.  In the early years, there was no internet and all communications done by mail and phone.  Over time the club continued to evolve under her watchful eye, bringing in new and updated tools.  During the Region 2 years, she was a valuable member of the Region 2 committee and not only helped those events to be a huge success, but made sure ASC continued to run smoothly.  Seeing Doris at events helping anyway she could was a normal occurrence.

In general Doris kept a tab on the heartbeat of the club.  Her integrity and honesty flowed over into how she made sure daily events were thought about and executed. 

Over the years Doris not only worked endlessly for ASC she also served on the East Central District board and is currently the president, a role she will continue to fulfill.  She also is the EC Rep to the WYSA State Board.  Doris also serves on the Fox Cities Sports Commission, a group sponsored by the Fox Valley Convention & Visitors Bureau for community sports improvements.  

We thank you Doris, for all of your commitment and hard work throughout the years.  The club will miss your leadership and expertise greatly, and we can't wait to see you rejoin your team this Fall!  Enjoy your well deserved vacation!