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U5/U6 Appleseed Academy

NEW United SC Appleseed Academy
For 4-6 year old players

Player must be or have turned 4 years of age by Dec 31 2018(U4) and will be 7 years of age anytime after  Dec 31, 2018 (U6)

Spring 2018 Program

The academy will run true to its name in giving the children a fun and competitive environment that caters to the needs of the young soccer player. An academy simply stated is a group of kids put together for one common goal, to increase skills and build a love for the game.  NEW United SC will support the Volunteer Coach thru this process.  To start weekly sessions will start with a short warm-up, introducing a very basic skill.  The remainder off the session will be devoted to a scrimmage to allow players to have fun. 

Looking for Volunteer Coaches

For the Appleseed Program.  

Academy Team Coach:  this person will lead an group of players each week.  Help to communicate with a set group of players informing them about club related items and handing out/collecting club items during the year.  

Academy Team Coordinator: Help the coach getting information to families as needed. 

If any of these positions sound like they will fit into your schedule, make sure to indicate by clicking the box during the registration process.  

Dates for Spring 2018

Starts:  April 25 

Ends:  week of June 20 


Wednesday nights
U4    5:15 PM – 6:00 PM
U5/U6  6:15 PM – 7:00 PM

Cost:  $50 

Fundraiser will be $25 sell of raffle tickets and the opportunity to either volunteer 3 hours or pay $35.


All players will receive a NEW United T-Shirt
Please Bring INFLATED SIZE 3 Ball, Shin guards and Water

Quick Guide to Child's Soccer Age

U4: Your child is U4 if born in 2014.

U5: Your child is U5 if born in 2013.

U6: Your child is U6 if born in 2012.

Note: these ages have nothing to do with grade level as School Districts are on a different fiscal calendar than Soccer