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Information for Team Managers and Coaches


 Team Registration and Entry fee

*Complete Registration and send required registration fee by April 1, 2018.

     *Acceptance will be based on information provided on registration form.

     *Acceptance notification via email no later than September 7th, 2018.

     *Teams will not be accepted until registration fee is received.

*Contact our prefered hotels for available rooms. 

*Schedules will be available no later than September 14th, 2018.  Please check back for any changes once schedule is released for any changes.


Application to travel

 *Not required for Wisconsin teams.

*UYSA Travel Application form, approved by your State Association required.

        Illinois     Michigan      Minnesota


Team Rosters

*State Association (USYSA/Club) roster required.

*A copy must be left with Tournament officials at registration and will not be returned to you. If guest player and/or club pass players are used, s copy of those applicable rosters are also required.

* A copy of your state medical release must be left with registration staff and will not be returned.


Medical Release

*Release of Liability and Consent for Medical Treatment forms required for all players.  If your state association is a member of U.S. Youth Soccer the medical release from your home state is acceptable.  


Guest and Club Pass Player Form and Instructions

All Teams: Complete the Guest Player Form with your State's Soccer Association if you have any guest players at the tournament.  Make sure to bring copies.

      Wisconsin    Illinois     Michigan     Minnesota

*A copy must be left with Tournament officials at registration.

*Check rule listing for number of combined  guest players and club pass players.

*Club Pass players(players from your own club) do not need a guest player form.

*Club pass players need to have copy roster from their respective team to be left with Tournament officials at registration check in.


*It is highly recommended that visitors to the Scheels USA Youth Sports Complex consider carpooling/ridesharing during the 2018 Fox Cities Classic. There will be a parking fee at USA Youth Soccer Complex ($10/weekend)


Due at Team Check In/Registration

*State Association approved Application to Travel form required from teams outside the State of Wisconsin.

*Copy of USYA Team Roster listing all players playing in the tournament with player numbers. If using guest players and/or club pass players you will need their teams' roster as well.

*Guest  player form (if applicable) from your State Association - these are not club pass players.

*Current player (USYSA/US Club Soccer) passes for all U11 - U19 players.

*U9 - U10 need official WYSA roster, Club roster and Player Passes if available.  Player passes are not a requirement.

*Copy of  Release of Liability and Consent for Medical Treatment form for each player playing in the tournament to be left with Tournament officials at registration check in.


Team Check In/Registration

*Check in is required at least 1 hour before start of your first game. (Teams do not come to this check in)

* Saturday September 29th 7am-12pm (hour prior to your teams first game)

*Check In/Registration will be held upstairs above Concession Stand at Scheels USA Youth Sports Complex.

 As a reminder, there are absolutely no dogs or alcohol allowed at USA Youth Soccer Complex.