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N.E.W United SC Coaching Staff

N.E.W United SC DOC

. NSCAA Premiere Diplomat
. USSF National D
. NSCAA DOC Diplomat
. Brusa Level 2 International
* Many years DOC with Madison FC
—* FOUR State Cup Championships (1995 - U13s, 1998 - U16s , 2010 - U15s, 2015 – U15s)
—* Coached several teams to the Premier Division level of the Midwest Regional League, including one team that received a #12 national ranking for two consecutive years
—Mesdjian’s formula for being a successful coach has been to build teams from the ground up: shaping, molding and challenging them individually and collectively to achieve success on and off the field. “Any successes I’ve had as a coach must be contributed to the players developing mental and physical toughness, discipline, good manners and most importantly respect: for yourself, your teammates and your opponents. These are qualities that my players can carry with them throughout the course of their lives.”

Shant Mesdjian

Phone: 608-572-5543


Coaches for the
2019-2020 Soccer Season  


11U Girls 2009 Elite Full Year Doris Schommer
11U Girls Select Full Year Madison Marconi
12U Girls 2008 Elite Full Year Shant Mesdjian
12U Girls Select Full Year Jacqui Drexler
13U Girls 2007 Elite Full Year Blake Johnson
13U Girls Select Full Year Jacqui Drexler
14U Girls 2006 Elite Full Year Chris Marconi
14U Girls Select Full Year Doris Schommer
15U Girls 2005 Elite Fall Season Shant Mesdjian
15U Girls Select Fall Season TBA
16U Girls 2004 Elite Fall Season Blake Johnson
17U Girls 2003 Elite Fall Season TBA
18U Girls 2002 Elite Fall Season Santiago Onuchuku
19U Girls 2001 Elite Fall Season Blake Johnson
11U Boys 2009 Elite Full Year Ramses Del Angel
11U Boys Select Full Year Jonah Jacke
11U Boys 2010 Developmental Full Year Andy Borchart
12U Boys 2008 Elite Full Year Ramses Del Angel
12U Boys Select Full Year Jonah Jacke
13U Boys 2007 Elite Full Year Jason Schwalbach
13U Boys Select Full Year Chad Pontow
14U Boys 2006 Elite Full Year Joe DeCoursin
14U Select Full Year Joe DeCoursin
15U Boys 2005 Elite Spring Season Santiago Onuchuku
16U Boys 2004 Elite Spring Season Blake Johnson
17U Boys 2003 Elite Spring Season TBA
19U Boys 2001 Select Spring Season Blake Johnson

As numbers for age groups are confirmed, adjustments to coaching assignments will be made as needed.  Also reserve the right to combine age groups to form viable teams.