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Dicks 2017

General Team Information

Fall 2016 Training Schedule

Age Group Field Note
U11 Girls Pool 5N
U12 Girls Pool 6S
U11 Boys Pool 7N
U12 Boys Pool 6N
U13 Girls Elite 9 1/2 Field
U13 Girls Select 9 1/2 Field
U13 Boys Elite 10 1/2 Field
U13 Boys Select 10 1/2 Field
U14 Girls Elite 11 1/2 Field
U14 Boys Elite 12 1/2 Field
U14 Boys Select 12 1/2 Field
U15 Girls Elite 13 1/2 Field
U15 Girls Select 13 1/2 Field
U17 Girls Elite 14 1/2 Field
U18 Girls Elite 14 1/2 Field
U18 Girls Select 11 1/2 Field

Some additional notes regarding practices:

No Training on Field 1-4 & Field 8.
No Training inside the 18 yard box.
Try to do drills of to the side of the field.
Rebounder goals will be near fields to use.
Please take Rebounders off fields at the end of the week. 

Sign up for FUTSAL CUP 2016

When signing up for Futsal Cup 2016 all Appleton SC teams are given a $100 discount on the registration fee. 

Dates:  Feb 20-21      Girls Weekend
           March 12-13   Boys Weekend

Check out the Futsal Cup 2016 page for all the details. 

TEAMS all need to follow the registration process.  When sending in your fee, just take off the $100.  We will record it on our end.  This information is not reflected in the registration form.   

Get signed up NOW