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Information for Team Managers and Coaches

Team Registration and Entry fee

*  Complete registration and send required registration fee by August 25.

*  Acceptance will be based on information provided on registration form.

*  Teams will not be accepted until registration fee is received.

*  Contact our preferred hotels for available rooms.  See Hotel Providers document at bottom of tournament home page.

*  Schedules will be available no later than September 17.  Email will be sent and a link will be added to the top of the tournament home page.  Please check back for any changes once schedule is released.


Tournament Rules

*  Print and send a copy for coaches and players to review; rules doc. at top of this page.


Application to travel

*  Not required for Wisconsin teams.

*  UYSA Travel Application form, approved by your State Association required.

         Illinois        Michigan          Minnesota


Team Rosters

*  State Association (USYSA/Club) roster required.

*  A copy must be left with Tournament officials at registration and will not be returned to you. If guest player and/or club pass players are used, s copy of those applicable rosters are also required.

Medical Release Form, Wisconsin Players


Guest and Club Pass Player Form and Instructions

*   All Teams: Complete the Guest Player Form with your State's Soccer Association if you have any guest players at the tournament. Make sure to bring copies.

      Wisconsin     Illinois      Michigan      Minnesota

*  A copy must be left with Tournament officials at registration.

*  Check rule listing for number of combined guest players and club pass players.

*  Club Pass players(players from your own club) do not need a guest player form.

*  Club pass players need to have copy roster from their respective team to be left with Tournament officials at registration check in.



*  It is highly recommended that visitors to the USA Youth Soccer Complex consider carpooling/ridesharing during the tournament. There will be a $10 parking fee at USA Youth Soccer Complex (valid for the weekend)


Due at Team Check In/Registration

*  State Association approved Application to Travel form required from teams outside the State of Wisconsin.

*  Copy of USYA Team Roster listing all players playing in the tournament with player numbers. If using guest players and/or club pass players you will need their teams' roster as well.

*  Guest player form (if applicable) from your State Association - these are not club pass players.

*  Current player (USYSA/US Club Soccer) passes for all U11 - U19 players.

*  U9 - U10 need a copy WYSA player roster, Club roster and player passes if available.  Player passes are not a requirement.

*  Copy of  Release of Liability and Consent for Medical Treatment form for each player playing in the tournament.


Team Check In/Registration

*  Check in is required at least 1 hour before start of your first game. (Teams do not come to this check in)

*  Friday September 29   4:00PM - 7:00PM

*  Saturday September 30   7:00AM - 12:00PM

*  Check In/Registration will be held upstairs above Concession Stand at USA Youth Soccer Complex.

As a reminder, there are absolutely no dogs or alcohol allowed at USA Youth Soccer Complex.