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Competitive Team Policies


PLAYING UP: A player can play up to 2 age groups. So a U11 player could technically try out for and play U12 and U13, U12 could try out for and play U13 and U14 and so on.

Appleton SC Classic Committee has set forth the following policy:
It is recognized that age divisions are a necessary component of youth soccer. They ensure that children are grouped based on their physical, emotional, and social development, affording each child the opportunity to thrive in the most beneficial environment possible.

  1. If a player wishes to try out in an age group above their age, they must attend all days of the tryout for EACH age they wish to be considered for. If they only try out at the age group above and do not try out for their age group NO OFFER will be received for their age group.
  2. The player must make a “demonstrate the ability to maintain a starting position” within the upper age group to receive an offer at that age group. Therefore for U11 through U12, the player must be assessed as one of the top 8 players in the age group and for U13 through U18 the player must be assessed as one of the top 9  players of the age group, as determined by the tryout assessors, to receive an offer from the upper age group.
  3. If a player tries out for more than one age group and makes the “top rated positions” for the age group above and a position for their own age group, the player will receive BOTH offers.

Appleton SC ENCOURAGES players to play at their own age groups for the following reasons:

  1. The team will play at a higher level if all players on the team are playing at their age group making them a stronger presence in our area.
  2. Playing bigger and stronger players doesn’t always equate to playing a player with a better skill level.
  3. The player would be better served physically, mentally and emotionally playing with player of his own age and size. 


Where does Appleton SC stand on this issue?

We do not live in large populated community where we have a large pool of players to choose from and can tell our players that they CANNOT play another sport. With that said though, we DO have a higher commitment level expectation for our Elite teams. We won’t tell players that they CANNOT play other sports or participate in other activities as this isn’t feasible. It is permissible for coaches to advise the players that if they do play another sport or choose another activity and miss practices, that it CAN/WILL affect their starting position and/or playing time in games. The reason is that if they are missing practice, it will affect their development AND it isn’t fair to the players that are always at practice. If it comes down to two players making a team or not making a team (especially a Elite team) at tryouts, the nod will go to the committed player.




The answer is yes. If your child makes an Elite team and that isn't the best fit for the player/family, they may choose to be placed on the Select team and the next ranked player from tryouts would then be moved to the Elite team.  This is an option if your child does play other sports/activities and doesn't want to commit to the Elite team schedule.  Just let your commissioner know that you want to choose the other team when you make your acceptance.



As many of you know Wisconsin Youth Soccer Association (WYSA) adopted a “pre-tryout offer” policy. In this policy clubs are allowed to offer team positions to any player currently playing for their club 2 weeks prior to the scheduled tryout date.

What this means is 2 weeks before the tryouts, the club could offer a player a guaranteed spot on the team for the following year. The player is required to make a commitment to the club by accepting that offer. The remaining players would try out for one of the remaining open positions on the team and would receive their offer in the usual manner.

Appleton Soccer Club’s mission statements reads: The Appleton Soccer Club, a member of a community based youth soccer association, is a nonprofit organization dedicated to development of youth soccer skills at all levels, encouraging good sportsmanship, physical fitness, team play, a positive self-image and the enjoyment of the game

Since the clubs inception in 1986, we have held tight to the values in our mission statement as we feel it embodies the Appleton Soccer Club philosophy. Because we value EVERY player at Appleton Soccer Club we have chosen to make NO pre-tryout offers and hold our tryouts as usual. We feel that this gives every player an equal opportunity to make a classic team for Appleton Soccer Club and upholds our valuable mission statement.

We look forward to seeing all players at our tryouts in June.