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Midwest Regional League

MRL (Midwest Regional League)

All NEW UNITED SC ELITE teams will apply for MRL.  If accepted the team can expect to travel to other states for competition. Teams may travel to Illinois, Missouri, Kansas, Iowa, Nebraska, Minnesota and within Wisconsin. The team will travel to a location on a weekend and have several games (much like a tournament).  You can expect an average of 2 or 3 MRL travel weekends both fall and spring.

Due to the nature of the MRL and competition, there is a higher expected commitment level associated with this team. You can expect 3 practices per week during the season and are offered additional practices/indoor leagues in the off season to keep up your skills.


INFORMATION ABOUT MRL (from their website):

The MIDWEST REGIONAL LEAGUE (MRL) mission is to provide the highest standard of competitive play for youth teams in US Youth Soccer Region II (the Midwest Region) and to assure the continued growth and development of elite level players.

All of us associated with the MRL strive to provide the absolute best high-level competitive environment for our teams. We are here to serve the elite US Youth Soccer affiliated teams and are cognizant of the choices that these teams have in participating in events, tournaments and leagues in order to showcase their players. The MRL offers the absolute best league competition in our area.

League Structure
The MRL features 100's of teams competing in Age Groups from U13-U18 for both Boys and Girls. Two seasons are offered – Fall and Spring. A promotion and relegation system has been adopted ensuring that success on the field results in teams participating at the highest levels of the MRL. 

Relationship with Region II State Associations
In essence, the MRL is an extension of elite team competition for US Youth Soccer affiliated teams in each Region II State Association. The top teams from State Associations qualify to participate in the regional league. The MRL, in conjunction with each State Association, provides the opportunity for top teams to enter the highest level of competition in youth soccer. 

Teams earn the right to compete in the MRL based on play within their own State Association‘s competitions (thus receiving State Association approval); and must exhibit the level of play necessary to compete at the regional league level. Not all teams that apply are accepted into the MRL. Each state association sets its own standards for approval/endorsement of teams to the MRL. Teams that participate in the MRL are expected to display the highest levels of conduct during competition. The MRL recognizes that teams also expect the highest levels of professionalism from all those associated with the League (other teams, coaches, referees). 

To learn more about MRL please visit the MRL website at http://www.midwestregionalleague.com/about.htm